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Sign and Nameplate

Among all the metal sign and nameplate, the aluminum sign and nameplate is with above 90%.
The main reason is that the aluminum is with the good performance.
1.Light weight The Aluminum density is 2710kg/m³,which means it is a third the density of steel and cooper.The aluminum sign will not add weight ,at the same time,it can save cost.
2.Easy processing The aluminum is with good malleability,and easy to punch forming ,which can meet the special process requirement of sign and nameplate
3.Corrosion resistance ,which can become strong and compact oxidation film on the surface of aluminum
4.Non-Magnetic The aluminum is nonmagnetic material.Then aluminum sign and nameplate can will not jam other instrument and equipment.

Xilin Metal has the imported laser machine.We can supply the aluminum sheet and coils as long as the nameplate with the required shape.

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