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The lightweight of the automobiles, is based on the premise of the strength and safety.The tendency of the automotive is trying to reduce the total weight of the car to improve the power. It can reduce fuel consumption and then reduce the pollution . Proof by fact, if the weight of the automotive can be reduced by half,the fuel consumption will be also reduced by almost half. The lightweight of automotive is the tendency allover the world .
The range of automotive parts is relatively wide.The lightweight aluminum products are developed for automobile front and back covers,doors,hood,car roofs,underguards,wheels,fenders and heat exchange system as well as automotive power batteries,lifts ,gas storage tanks.The alloy for the car now is mainly 5182 for door , car hood and font and rear fenders and mature products.The aluminum alloy 6082 is widely used for the vehicle bodies. And the aluminum strip 3003 , battery core 1235 aluminum foil ,3003/1070/1235 alloy are used for the battery shell cells. The automobile bottom guards and gas storage tanks are used with 5083/5754/5052 alloy. The thick plate for automobile wheels is mainly 6061 alloy.

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