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Technical Capacity
The production and testing equipment is mainly imported from Germany, Italy, United States and other countries. It adopts advanced technology to organize production ,To accurately meet the product specifications and technical requirements of our domestic and international customers.
1. Hot Rolling Workshop
Xilin company has the completed producing line for hot rolled products from the remelting , casting , 1+4 hot rolling line, slab casting lines are equipped with tilting melting and holding furnaces, in-line degassers, CFF system, PDBF filter/tube filter and fully automatic casting machines supplied by reputed world class companies. The 1+4 hot tandem mill can produce hot-rolled strips and coils with ideal flatness and good shape. 
The modern and advanced stretcher, high precision quenching furnaces, aging furnaces can supply different T temper products.
2.Continue Casting Workshop
We have 30 casting mills which can continuously supply the foil stock for the CC aluminum coil and the foil .
3.Cold Rolling Workshop
There are 8 cold rolling mill completed with Work Roll Grinder, Annealing Furnaces, Recoiling Machine , Tension Leveler , Slitting Machines etc.
4.Foil Rolling Line
The following foil rolling line can guarantee to supply high quality aluminum foil which is widely used as electronic foil, medical foil, food-packaging foil,adhesive tape foil,food container material and honeycomb foil,foil for cigarettes and beer, etc
5.Quality Inspecting
Complete set of imported precision and advanced testing instrument for testing each item accurately, Capability of full range and whole process inspection and analysis, which makes our products under whole process control, tracking and traceability.
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