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Aluminum Circle
Aluminum Circle
Aluminum Circle

Aluminum Circle

Thickness: 0.50mm~6.5mm
Diameter: 1000mm -2650mm
Delivery time:20-30 days after the PO date
Product Description
Aluminum Circles/Aluminum Discs have excellent elongation and tensile strength, processing performance is good, stamping, stretch forming is high, Its mainly contains 1000,3000,5000 series alloys. Temper, diameter, thickness, packing, pallet weight can be customized. The aluminum circle is mainly used in cookware, cookware utensil, pressure cookware,kitchen disc, cooking pan, fryer, reflector of the light, traffic signs, etc.
Series Temper Typical Alloy Material Property Application Scope
1000 series

O, H*2, H*4, H*6, H18, H111, H112,
1050, 1060, 1070, 1100
  1. With aluminum content more than 99%,excellent formability
    2.High reflectivity
    3.stable performance, surface can be anodized
Ordinary cooking utensils(height less than 400mm): grinding, sandblasting, squeeze the lid, aluminum pot,
Lamp shade, traffic signs, curtain walls, ceilings.
3000 series 3003, 3004, 3005, 3105 1.Excellent formability
2.high elongation, can be used for deep drawing process
3. high grain size, smooth surface, high reflectivity.
Advanced cookware: non-stick pan,pressure cooker
Lamp shade,traffic signs, curtain walls, ceilings.
5000 series 5052,5754, 5005, 5083
  1. Low material density, finished product weight.
  2. high compressive strength and elongation, good fatigue strength  
  3. High grain size, surface effect is good.
Advanced cookware:
further process: anodizing, enamel, spraying, deep drawing, non-stick pan, Pressure vessel: pressure cooler, etc.
8000 series 8128
  1. good effect after the anodizing
  2. stable performance, good surface
Advanced cookware:can be process with the nacreous color anodizing
1.The aluminum circle from Xilin company is with good surface which is without cracks, oils, oxidation,black pot etc.
2.The edge is without burrs
3.We has strict control on the aluminum coil producing which is to guarantee the further deep processing from the drawing lines, flouncing and bad earing ratio etc
4.We have the advanced equipment which can improve the production efficiency and material use ratio.It is very effective for shorten the producing time. 
Package:Export standard wooden pallet with waterproof paper and brown hardboard
Delivery time:20-30 days after the PO date

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