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8006 Aluminum Foil
8006 Aluminum Foil
8006 Aluminum Foil

8006 Aluminum Foil

Thickness range:0.006-0.2mm
Width range:50-1600mm
Delivery time: 20-30 days
Product Description
Aluminum foil have many special characteristic:rich polish, light weight, anti-damp, anti-pollute and is the well transmit electricity body. It been used vastly the shield layer of the food vessel, electron , material equipment and communication cable. Aluminum foil can be used in packing of the cigarette , physic , grocery industry and so on after it complex with the other materials.

8006 aluminum foil is a special aluminum alloy for container foil product. 8006 aluminum foil adopts hot rolling method and its tensile strength is between 123-135 Mpa. 8006 aluminum foil product reaches the brushing water grade A. The surface is very flat, clean and free of oil. Xilin  8006 aluminum foil is specially suitable for aerospace wrinkle-free lunch boxes. After stamping, the edges could be free of wrinkles and the appearance is smooth and smooth. 
Alloy 8006
Temper O, H18, H14, H22,H24, H26, H16, H19
Thickness 0.015-0.2mm
Width 50-1600mm
Length Foil roll as per request
Core Aluminum core, steel core
Surface One side bright, One side matt
Package Export standard,free fumigated wooden box
Aerospace lunch boxes
Food packaging
Container foil

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